Episode 117. Editor of Score Golf Magazine, Mr. Jason Logan | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

In this episode we finally got to sit down with the editor of Score Golf, Jason Logan. 

We go straight into the age old debate of the Score Golf Top 100 and possibly settle the most pressing topic-the east coast bias. 

Jason explains what makes a great golf course from a ranking standpoint and discusses some surprising movers on the list, and also touches on courses that he feels are overrated/underrated on the list. 

We dive into his past and learn about his journey to the top of Score Golf and the "dethroning" of the past editor, Bob Weeks. Tom digs into his creative process which lead to some amazing stories from his time at the magazine; including 2003, the mega year for Canadian Golf. 

This was truly an all time interview for us and we hope you all enjoy!




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