Episode 132. Alan Riley - Master Professional, Author, Educator | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

In this episode we are honored to be joined by a man who played a significant role in countless club professionals across the country. Former Program coordinator for Grant MacEwan University's Professional Golf Management Course, Mr. Alan Riley. 

Alan joined us to share the story of his introduction into the game of golf and how that lead him to a career of nearly 40 years in the industry and a title that only 25 other pros have in Canada - Master Professional. 

We discuss the dissolvement of the PGMT Program and the impact that has had on new club pros and why it was so instrumental to the development of aspiring professionals. 

We also touch on the lessons Alan learned from his mentors on what it takes to become a true professional and how those lessons can be applied today. 

Alan talks about how he became enamoured with the golf swing and mental aspect of the game and the steps he took in order to pursue the title of Master Professional and one of the top teaching professionals. 

Amazing interview that we hope everyone enjoys!

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