Episode 227. Our Favorite #GolfContent Creator, Dan Mann

n this episode the boys have the honour of sitting down in our guest's house, Mr. Dan Mann, to discuss his rollercoaster ride in the golf adjacent industry.
Dan discusses his journey through the media adjacent side of the golf industry and how he has been involved over the years. He explains how working with My Golf Spy opened up doors to small businesses in golf that have helped shape his opinion of the game and what the future looks like for it. 
We cover growing up and playing golf in the lower mainland and how the golf scene has changed since his introduction and things that need to be implemented to help sustain it.
We also get to chance to speak with his partner, Karen about her decision to get into golf and immerse herself deeper into Dan's world and what she thinks the game requires to help grow from the grass roots level including the female perspective of the game. 
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