Episode 30 - A Year and Decade in Review, Our Favorite Golf Memories of 2019, The Golf Moment of The Decade | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

PGA Tour Golf 2019 Year in Review

What a Year. What happened in 2019? The good? The bad? The lessons that have been taught to us? On the course? Off the course? And while we invite you to take a moment and reflect on yourself. Sit back. Relax. And let us share with you a few ideas we had.  Tiger winning The Masters? Going to work for 114 straight times and not making one mistake? Seeing those around us succeed on and off the golf course? Continuing to hit the high flop even when the shot calls for a low bump and run? What is your 2020 resolution?  Going places, new experiences, social media, junior golf, cheating and much more is discussed in this episode as the boys try and stay on track with a familiar voice in The Lab. Bud Pat, of Bud Pats Golf Shop in North Edmonton, joins us to discuss his thoughts on all of the above.  And if you have made it this far. Thank you. Not for reading up to here. But for supporting, listening, reading, liking, sharing. Everything you do to show The Four Jack Podcast a little love. We really do appreciate you all.  Thank you.  The Four Jack Podcast Family 🙏⛳🏌️

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