Episode 32 - Codes what? Tom where? Parks why? | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

Hellooo Four Jack Fam! 
In this episode, we touch on: 
  • Codes shares a story, that maybe he shouldn't have - 
  • Tom thinks he has something that no one else has ever seen
  • Parksy shares what his body is built on, most of the time - 
  • JT finishes a tournament the way we play a full round - 
  • Reed gets yelled at, fair? - 
  • We talk about Doc, Ruffles and Muni - 
  • ...and much more...  -
Thanks for listening as always Four Jack Fam. 
Please do not forget to head over to www.thefourjackpodcast.com and get ready for something special. 

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