Episode 35 - The Return of Jim. | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

Hello FourJack Fam,  We were lucky enough to sit down with Jim McCulley, Northern Alberta Sales Rep for Callaway Golf, back in the middle of November. If you haven't caught the first half of this sit down, please listen to Episode 25 along with Rapid Fire.  We know you'll enjoy the rest of this conversation, just as much as we did.  We look forward to sitting down with Jim again soon, catch up, have a few laughs and I think he has some new things for us to get our hands on! The latest from Callaway Golf! We can not wait. Thanks Jim.  Until then, FourJack Fam. Enjoy the listen. Leave us a review. Any comments or suggestions, head over to www.thefourjackpodcast.com. Enjoy! 

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