Episode 42 - On location @zavywoodworks | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

Hello FourJack Fam, 

Back in early 2020, we will never forget this interview because it was -50º outside and our cars didn't start, we were invited into 'The @zavywoodworks Shop' to check out the scene. We also we joined by one of the Goat Track creators and best friends of Andrew, Mr. Garrett Hadfield (@goattracksc)

While there, we checked out the facility Andrew just moved into, projects currently on the go and set up the pod equipment. We hit record and here we are. 

In this episode we talk about: 

Zavy's experience he gained while he was a golf professional in Edmonton for a number of years What motivated him to start woodworking On course fashion Lucky Duckies; when Zavy and G worked together and the laughs that followed  Zavy drops a little wood knowledge on us ...and a little more.

Thank you for listening. We appreciate you.  

Keep on Golfin' Baby.


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