Episode 58 - Mark Baldwin's Journey Around The World To The Korn Ferry Tour. Next Stop, The PGA Tour

In this episode, the boys sit down with Korn Ferry member Mark Baldwin. We dive into his time playing professional golf in Asia, where he traveled, what the golf was like and his incredible experience getting his tour card over there. We also talk with Mark his journey to the Korn Ferry Tour, which involved some time on the Mackenzie Tour. We also ask Mark some personal questions, like what it is like to be a new dad, his family ties to Edmonton,  his round of golf with Tom. He teaches us about Tiger Hoods - the urban golf phenom from NYC.  Finally, Mark shares his thoughts on what is happening with the shutdown of golf due to the coronavirus and we all make predictions on when the tour will start back up. Give our man a follow on Instagram: @markbaldwingolf 

Most importantly, Stay Safe & Enjoy Folks


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