Episode 66. No Laying up's Very Own, Neil Schuster

In this episode, the boys were lucky enough to borrow some time from Neil Schuster(aka. Icarito/Merch Czar) from the No Laying Up podcast. Neil dove into his previous career at Google and his transition over to no laying up full time. We also discussed the magic behind "Strapped" and "Tourist Sauce", no laying up's original content.

Neil gave us some insight on their video production as well as the emergence of the Trap Draw podcast and how the golf adjacent show better suits his beliefs. We also got into some of his favorite moments on tourist sauce and strapped and just how much he enjoys not only the game but the people and places that come along with it.

Neil Schuster

No laying Up “We started No Laying Up—which started as a website—because we felt like there was no golf content that was written in our voice, in the way that we talk about golf,” says Neil Schuster, one of the podcast's founders and hosts. “And then in the same vein, there wasn't really any golf podcast.”

No Laying Up started as a logical extension of a rollicking text chain between three golf-obsessed friends who met at Miami University in Ohio. The plan to start recording was less about finding an audience and more about entertaining one another (No Laying Up’s primary crew consists of hosts Chris “Soly” Solomon, Neil, Neil’s brother Todd “Tron" Schuster, and Phil “Big Randy” Landes).

In an individual sport like golf, where the competition is one golfer versus a field of 100 or so, Schuster sees each PGA Tour player as a growing brand. Unlike athletes in the four major sports, a golfer like Rory McIlroy is a global star but is also fairly available, and he and his peers came up in an era when social media and an always-plugged-in culture have given their fans a high level of access.

“I don't see [golf] as a growth business or a growth vertical,” Schuster says. “But I think… there are enough young people that are crazy about golf that it's not going to die. It's one of those activities where if they do it, they're addicted to it… people are just craving interesting stories about this game that they love.” NLU was forged in an off-campus Miami University (Ohio) house filled with empties, innumerable tenants, six bedrooms, one bathroom and zero bathroom doors.

One day Landes, who lived in the dingy establishment with Tron, made a brave trip to the lone restroom only to be chatted up by one of the house guests. Not wanting to reveal his identity, Phil instead became Randy and hasn’t looked back. “They called me December or November of 2013 and said, ‘We want to build a blog. Can you help us?’

I said sure. I ended up buying the hosting. We started early 2014.” Neil’s first post covered a bizarre news story. A Georgia murder suspect got caught by the authorities when he was hitting balls at a PGA Superstore. Has been an account executive with google helped to develop sustainable Google ad strategies for businesses Student athlete at Columbia University, played football, 2 year starter. Too la bachelor of art, creative writing.

Hope everyone enjoys the episode. Cheers folks!

https://www.instagram.com/ngschu/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZn1UAWT9W0pLTWCdt8CTBg https://nolayingup.com/

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