Episode 68. Professional Golfer and Trick Shot Extraordinaire, Tania Tare.

In this episode, Chris and Parksy sit down with Kiwi trick shot artist, Tania Tare.

We discuss how her move to Florida on a golf scholarship and making her instagram public earned her a dream life in Scottsdale, Arizona, professional sponsorships and a massive following that has officially titled her an influencer within the golf space.

Only hit first golf ball when she was 14 years old.

December 19, 1988. As of 2020, she is around 32 years old.

Along with golf, she also plays tennis, soccer and basketball recreationally.

Living in Auckland at the time, Tania was named 2008 Auckland Golfer of the Year

Tania was born and raised in New Zealand, where she grew up in a big family with a mix of ten siblings and stepsiblings.

Soon after graduating from University, she had to take a break to operate on both her wrists.

After finishing high school, Tare moved to the US, as she was awarded a golf scholarship by Florida International University

A huge fan of actor Hugh Jackman, Tania applauds herself for being able to name every movie he’s ever been in.Big time IG, 255k

Originally, she was a juggler, but at twelve years old, after watching a Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods bouncing a golf ball and hitting it in mid-air, she was hooked.

“I literally was just posting trick shot videos at the time because my friends liked them,” she admitted. “All of my friends at the time were baseball players, so they would be like, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to go to the golf course just so I can try that trick shot you did.’ So, they just started going to golf because they were excited about this trick . . . I kind of ran with it.” - - Growing the game!!!

Sponsors started looking her way as well. PING. Social media influencer and promotes the game through trick shot shows. Tania was filming a spot for Honda with fellow trick shot artists Joshua Kelley (@holein1trickshots) and Ryan Rustand (@coach_rusty) and made a video with golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf.

Working with other trick shot artists was fun for introverted Tania, but filming her commercials for OnCore on location in Time Square and then again in front of Niagara Falls was a bit out of her comfort zone.

Despite all her success with trick shots, Tania wants to be known, first and foremost, as a professional golfer that happens to do trick shots rather than the other way around.

“I don’t have any trick shot goals,” she told us. “But until I get on the Tour, I’ll take the trick shot thing. - - LOVE THE LPGA DREAM> FUCK YEAH

When Tania first started playing golf, she wouldn’t really associate herself with the sport. Like many young women, she believed that golf was a sport for older men.

“I started playing golf by copying a trick shot,” she said. “It took something out of the norm of traditional golf to make me interested. And stuff like that is obviously gimmicky, but that’s why I’m okay with being known as ‘the trick shot girl’ because it’s exciting for me to know that somebody could look at one of my videos and feel the same way I felt when I watched Tiger Woods’ video and get inspired to play golf.”

This was a really fun chat and I hope you all enjoy.







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