Episode 87. Golfer. Artist. Hunter. Weight LIfter. Cancer Survivor- The Story of Tanner Whidden | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

In this episode the boys have a chat with a long time friend of Parksy, Mr. Tanner Whidden. 

Tanner is a former Grant MacEwan graduate and was a former club pro in Fort Nelson, BC until he switched into the oil and gas industry. 

A few years back Tanner was diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer which left him paralyzed from the ribs down. That ordeal obviously lead Tanner down a vicious spiral in his life, mentally, physically and emotionally. 

But what makes Tanner such an inspiring individual was the fact that those issues did not hold him down. He started focusing his attention into other avenues, which included artwork, weight lifting and eventually back into golf in a motorized stand up cart. 

This chat left all of us speechless and incredibly grateful for what we take for granted. 

We hope you all feel the same way after this episode. 






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