Episode 94. Head Professional of Tobiano Golf Club, Ms. Shannon Mcgeady | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

In this episode all the boys got the chance to not only speak with the Head Professional of Tobiano, Shannon Mcgeady, but we also got to speak in person!

We had the honor of stopping by Tobiano Golf Club on the last leg of our BC trip and got to dive deep into Shannon's past while sipping a pint on the beautiful patio at the club. 

Shannon describes her upbringing in Saskatchewan and what the golf scene looked like at that time and how her decision to stay in Canada over going to the states to pursue the game lead her to one of the most sought after positions in the country. 

It was an absolute pleasure to not only meet and chat with Shannon but also to have had the chance to get back out on the course we all love and enjoy the natural beauty of Tobiano.

Not to mention we were also treated with a nice send off of tequila on the 18th tee by Shannon and the best server in the west "K-dog."

Hope everyone enjoys the interview. 





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