Episode 97. The More You Know with James Charpentier | Golf Podcast | The Four Jack Podcast

In this episode the boys sit down with friend of the show, James Charpentier of Mizuno Golf. 

We discuss how James uses the Mizuno fitting system to sell some of the sexiest irons in the game and how much the use of devices like flightscope have completely changed the way fitting a golf club is performed. We chat about his time spent at Mizuno and the experiences he has encountered during his tenure and what the future looks like for him and the brand.  

We touch on what the game needs on a professional level to maintain sustainability and yet still remain fun and entertaining for the rest of the golfing world. 

This episode was honestly just a bunch of guys nerding out about, well... golf! We even hit him with a rapid fire! 

Enjoy the show everyone! 




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