About Us

Golf Podcast Hosts - Canada and United States

"The Four Jack" podcast is a weekly golf podcast, create by a couple of golf nuts, for golf nuts.

Founded by a group of former PGA golf professionals, the @thefourjackpodcast was created with the intention of growing a global community where the common theme reflects Golf, and how the game has impacted or influenced a person's life.

Chris, Chris, Tom and David are striving to engineer and deploy the ultimate platform to discuss literally everything from current trends, coaching, events, lifestyle, equipment.... even the must see spots to play.

The Four Jack Podcast is invested in building strong relationships with companies and professionals we not only believe in, but are on the forefront of creative and impactful contribution with a collective end goal of expanding awareness, inclusiveness and sustainability around the game of golf!

This is definitely not your typical network golf talk show- we are an unscripted and uncensored take on the game and everything related!

Welcome to The Four Jack Family


Chris Paisley Golf Podcast Host

Chris Paisley

For Chris, golf has not just been a game he has played since the age of 6, it has also been a constant throughout his life. As much as Chris enjoys playing golf, what he relishes the most is the camaraderie and social aspect of the game. He is known for enjoying the sound of his own voice, but even more so when he knows he has 3 others listening to him for four hours.


Chris Parkinson

A former CPGA Professional and Red Seal Chef, Chris’s 20 years of experience extends from restaurant start-ups, management, caddying, teaching and playing golf at the highest level. Golf has given Chris a unique insight into business and a fundamental platform to continue to leverage both passions as he progresses through his professional career.


Tom Jackson

To Tom, golf is a metaphor about life. The journey from the first tee to the eighteenth green. The highs, the lows, and everything in between. Many of his greatest relationships are because of golf, and it continues to be a crucial outlet on his entrepreneurial journey building JaxonLabs, a brand development company. He enjoys a good conversation with anyone and has been known to take us down a wormhole or two.


David Brisson - Entrepreneur

David Brisson

A Canadian entrepreneur and international marketer with nearly 20 years of experience within the sports and entertainment world.

In 2009 he founded KB Media, building Canada’s largest digital ad network, successful exiting to its largest competitor, in 2005 at the age of 24 he established one of the first multi-management sports marketing companies in Canada that worked/integrated with the NHL, NBA, NFL and PGA Tour on several initiatives.