Podcast Guests

We built our platform to share peoples stories. These are all of the guests that we have had on the show. 


Eva Rogers is the PGA Teaching Professional at Medinah Golf and Country Club in Medinah, Illinois USA. We spoke to Eva bout how she got into golf, dominating competition working with Kids Golf USA as a Top 100 golf instructor, being a brand ambassador for PXG, THERAGUN and FORAYGOLF USA. We also got to know her, personally, a little more. We can not thank Eva enough for taking the time to help us out. Have a listen today. 

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Sean Hill - The Goat Track Social Club

Sean worked for years in the golf industry with a little company that is known for it's swoosh. Now Sean is working with his best bud Garrett Hadfield to build a brand that will change fashion for the golf course and bring players together. I present to you THE GOAT TRACK SOCIAL CLUB! 

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Garrett Hadfield - The Goat Track Social Club

Garrett is an "Icon Living" in the making. He is always on top of what is stylish and is a genuinely great person to spend time with. Always laughing, always creating. Garrett is the creative guru behind the brand him and Sean Hill are working on: THE GOAT TRACK SOCIAL CLUB! 

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Andrew Zavy - @zavywoodworks

Andrew Zawieruch - @zavywoodworks

Meet Zav, the man behind Zavy Woodworks.  He is there to build you the furniture piece you want and need! The Four Jack Boys stopped by his workshop at Timbre Coworking.

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Big Pumper - Aka Jay Rat

We had good friend of the show, Jay Seridiak (who is our generations version of Jimmy Hoffa), stop by the lab to see what was cooking. 

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Jim McCulley - Callaway Golf

The Man, the myth, the legend. Jim McCulley (@callawayguy44). Great friend of the show, and Northern Alberta Representative for Callaway Golf. Jim has so many great stories in life, because he is so easy to get along with. From the famous Cheers video shot in Boston, to playing 12 holes with Tiger Woods. 

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Dallas Cantera - Cardiff GC

Dallas is one of the best golfers we know. Tom and Codes have been lucky to caddy for him in his tournaments. and was the #1 golfer on the order of merit for the CPGA of Alberta. Dallas has a competitive spirit like no other. More importantly though, he is a good dude. 

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Gabe Guetta - Salus Pro

Gabe is the man. He is a self made man, living in Vancouver building his company Salus Pro (it's a construction safety software). If you work in the trades or any job that requires safety documentation - seriously stop what you are doing and go check it out. Codes knew Gabe growing up and he loves the game of golf. We had a great chat and lots of laughs.

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